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Further, on 18th January 2005, UTC decided to establish the Institute of Transport Planning and Management (ITPM) by combination of the TRANCONCEN and the university academic section, Urban Transport Planning and Management. Since the end of 2007, with the new decree 80/2007/ND-CP on Science and Technology Enterprise, the University decided to transform TRANCONCEN to be the pure Science and Technology Centre, which will be focused mainly on research projects other than consulting and development activities.

Therefore, since early 2009, all key members of Institute of Transport Planning and Management decided to establish a new body, Sustainable Urban Development Joint Stock Company (SUD), as the new platform for the professors, lecturers and engineers of ITPM to conduct the consulting and development activities in the area of urban and transport development sectors.

From its founding December 7, 2009 to the present, the leadership, staff and employees of the Company SUD has continued efforts to build and grow, attract investment in human capital, training and raising the level of technical staff and management, improve skills training of cadres and workers, strengthen modern equipment, investment in specialized software for traffic simulation and enhanced cooperation international. Joint Stock Company for sustainable urban development SUD is the customer brand evaluation is a Consulting unit traffic reputable, trusted, can independently undertake consulting work done for large-scale projects, technological complexity, technical.

Despite many challenges, but with the capacity and experience have been confirmed, with the tradition of professional Counselling Unit, JSC sustainable urban development will continue sustainable development.

Sustainable urban development Joint Stock Company - SUD is legacy and reputation of the research and development from TRANCONCEN and ITPM"